A new street art walk in Hamburg's Sternschanze

It's been a while since I wrote a post about my favourite pieces of street art in Hamburg and you guys seem to still be reading it. While this makes me very happy, one part that I like most about public art is how quickly it changes. Some pieces are gone, some new ones appeared. It's definitely time to go on a new walk through Hamburg's Sternschanze area... Read more

How to work from anywhere in the world - including you home - without going crazy

Did you google how to work from home because you can't go to the office due to the Corona virus?

I'm here to the rescue... Read more


Eilat sucks, but i loved it - or: that Time I might have moved in with a cult

Eilat sucks but I loved it

I bet you've all arrived at a new place before and weren't “feeling it”. It can be too big or too small, too busy or with not enough going on – simply not what you had hoped for. When I arrived in Eilat in Israel, it was all of that... Read more

Best of the isle of skye (and all you need to know before going)

We stayed in Portree, the main and only city on the island, with a few cute stores and restaurants.


As neither Ashton nor I were too excited about driving a car, especially not on the left side of the road and definitely not in single lane traffic, we booked a tour, that would take us to the main attractions...

Read more

Returning to paris: the 11th arrondissement

I chose a new area to stay in: The 11th arrondissement. A younger, hipper district with fashionable cafés, restaurants and nightlife.


Stepping out of the Metro and knew that I had made the right choice: while the streets were still filled with people, there were only a few tourists to be recognized as such, but Parisians enjoying the last rays of sunshine in the many cafés around... Read more

Design subway stations uniting Budapest

Budapest has a beautiful new subway line, worth a visit by itself.

The M4 is an entire new line with ten stops, all of them well designed.

But two of them stand out, not only for their design, but also by being situated on opposing banks of the Danube river, only a few hundred meters apart... Read more

Dahab, my habibi

Abdullah, my driver and new friend blasted the first Britney Spears Album on the speakers in his car while he speeded through the desert at night. Nothing but the headlights and the stars to be seen in the dark... Read more

Hamburg's new design subway stations

Hamburg is building a whole new part of town – the HafenCity.

Apart from the Elbphilharmonie and hundreds of residential and office buildings, the city's infrastructure is currently being expanded to cover the new area.

The new subway line U4 connects the HafenCity with the rest of Hamburg and is holding up with the architectural standard of the new buildings surrounding it.

Three stops have already opened and are all worth a visit...Read more

How I save $500+ on international flights

While I pride myself on writing about beautiful beaches and fascinating designs all over the world, there is one thing you guys keep asking me: How to find the best deals on international flights.

Therefore, I've teamed up with Dollar Flight Club to show you one option to find cheaper flights with less time staring at your laptop in despair... Read more

I Belize I can fly

over the Great Blue Hole... Read more

Favourite spots on the Yucatan Peninsula

I spent a month in southern Mexico, more precisely in Yucatan and Quintana Roo, beach bumming, snorkelling and eating guacamole-based foods... read more

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