Beach Bumming in South Bali

After almost a month in Indonesia, I realized that I hadn't been to a single beach there. If you've followed my journey for a while, you probably know that this is highly unusual for me, that's why I decided to spend my last three days in Bali looking for the perfect beach.

Drinking Milkshake at Bilangan Beach Bali
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Five things to do around Labuan Bajo apart from seeing Komodo dragons

Like most visitors, I came to Labuan Bajo from Bali to dive in the close-by Komodo National park and to look at Komodo dragons.


Labuan Bajo is famous as a starting point to go on a dragon tour to Komodo island or Rinca, but there are many other places to explore from there. I had already booked a week in a dive resort right at the border of the National Park, but had a couple of days to spare in Labuan Bajo. So I went on to explore Flores island, as usual mostly to see everything you can see from a boat.

View over Labuan Bajo
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Where to see Komodo dragons: On Rinca or Komodo island?

You can't come to the Komodo National Park without seeing the dragons.

Officially these giants are only found on Komodo and Rinca island where you can visit them with a ranger. The local dive guides then told me later that the dragons are also living on three other islands (I was very happy not having this information earlier. I also never heard of anybody just meeting them on the other inhabited islands, though)


edit: there were plans to close Komodo Island for 2020, which apparently now have been canceled. Please check before you go. I haven't heard of plans to ever close Rinca.

Komodo Dragon on Komodo island
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Le Pirate on Nusa Ceningan

One of the reasons I started this blog was my stay at “le pirate” in Nusa Ceningan, a little resort and beach club on one of the small islands around Bali.

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Potato Head Seminyak – stylish beach clubbing in Bali

By now you guys probably know that I'm not a fan of posh beach clubs and would rather go for a free night of bonfires and drinks most days.


This beach club in Seminyak, Bali let me forget all of this though, as it is a real treat for every design lover.

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