so you‘ve stumbled upon this blog and you‘re interested in travelling from a designer‘s perspective? Perfect!

Get yourself a glass of wine and start browsing!

You‘ll find articles about different places and activities all over the world which have a creative relevance in any way, which I find inspiring or I just thought they were cool and I wanted to tell you.

I'm especially interested in the cultural influence of different countries on design and architecture, so I'm rather looking for a little cottage on an island that was designed with love than a big design hotel.


As a design-loving Swede living in Barcelona, I can't help to keep following Sarah on her architectural journeys around the world. Seeing the world through her eyes is one of my favourite thing to do, and everyone with wanderlust should do the same!

Alexander of Original Barcelona Tours

One of my favorite parts of visiting a new city is the architecture and art that you find in sometimes unexpected places. And that's why I love Journey to Design because it's travel from a design perspective. It's a look at the cultural influences on space and it creates a richer look at travel.

Skeeter of Happy Travelers

Sarah is fun, fun, fun and has a great sense of humour. A solo traveller, fellow dive addict and puppy-dog enthusiast, she captures the world in a totally unique way; through her eyes as a designer. She stays in chic and trendy hostels and hotels, finds the coolest street art, and sees awesome photo opportunities where most people would never think to look. Her creative take on the world is both refreshing and inspiring.

Hannah of Eat Sleep Breathe Travel

Why we love Journey to Design: As the name states, this blog will take you on a creative exploration of the world. So if you love all design or love creative work, then this is the blog you should visit now. 

Tourist by Chance

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 Oh, and you want to know who is writing this? I‘m Sarah and I‘m a Spatial Designer from Hamburg.

I was born in northern Germany and started travelling right after school, working as an Au-Pair in London, Malaga and Amsterdam. I then studied Spatial Design in Kiel and Interior Design in London.

Now I am located in Hamburg, which is a great city for designers but I still try to squeeze in as much play time abroad as possible.

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