Snorkelling around Lanzarote's Telamon Wreck

I can't believe it took me two trips and more than three months on Lanzarote to finally snorkel around the Telamon wreck in Arrecife's industrial zone. These are basically all my favourite things, so what was I thinking not going there on my first day??

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Where to stay on Lanzarote

So you're wondering where to stay on Lanzarote?

Since my first trip to the Lanzarote was rather spontaneous, I came to the island with no plan on where to stay or what to do there. With friends visiting and leaving again I stayed in several apartments and in different places on the island, which all had their own pros and cons. Now I'm on the island for the second time and was able to move back into an apartment I stayed in before and to discover a new one.  


Here are my two cents on where to stay.

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Beach please: Lanzarote

With all Lanzarote has to offer, I'm sure you'll also need some time off during your trip. So, let's call it a mental health day. Let's just lay in the sun for a day, swim and snorkel.


I've done some proper research in that field and can show you my favourite spots:

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Lanzarote for people with a drinking problem

Lanzarote is famous for its volcanos, the black sand beaches and the hiking trails around them.

To me this sounded like a geography teacher's, and not really like a place I would enjoy. What I didn't know: Lanzarote is also a wine region.

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Spoilt on Fuerteventura: my favourite places to stay

Since Alex and I accidentally "moved" to Fuerteventura, we made absolutely no prior plans and ended up moving quite a bit.


While there were very few Covid cases on the island during our time there, we still wanted to make sure not to meet too many people, therefore we always tried to find apartments or houses, that we really liked, so we didn't mind spending more time there. And of course, we wanted our apartments to be pretty.

While typing this, I'm realizing what this post really is about: about being irresponsible. Spoiling yourself with the nice apartment, you can't afford. Staying as long as you like, in the places you love.

What I'm not showing you: the dark and smelly places, we stayed in after realizing that we're living way out of our budget. Totally worth it.

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