"Who would've thought an island that tiny would be big enough to hold all our old boyfriends?"

Sex and the city "Where There's Smoke"


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Subway hafencity universität

I like to be around pretty stuff. That can be a nice apartment, nice clothes or nice people. For me, the way the room I'm staying in looks, can really make my day.

When the city of Hamburg started building a new part of town in a discarded harbour area, a new subway line came with it. And to my delight, they decided to make it special, to create a space, that makes people happy on their commute to work or on their way to the supermarket.

The first stop to open was “Hafencity universität”, a place bringing a whole new meaning to the word subway station.

 About 20 glowing plastic cubes are lined up over the platform. The polished large-sized tiles covering the walls reflect the colourful light, surrounding the passengers with an impressive light show.

The light is slowly altering from one colour to another, every time changing the room's atmosphere completely.

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In Finland, light is more valuable than in many other places. There's always too much too little.

Well, this is what people told me because I went in September where day and night both have a “regular” length. But I still found a city, which is completely adjusted to a lack of light. Almost every shop has a bright neon sign, even official institutes like banks or post offices (that will also have to state their name in Finnish and Swedish).

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