how to work from anywhere in the world - including your home - without going crazy

Did you google how to work from home because you can't go to the office due to the Corona virus?


I'm here o the rescue: In the last ten years I've worked in offices, on remote islands and from many kitchen tables and I'm pretty sure I have found a few more digital tricks to keep me from going crazy or from having more naps than work hours during the day.

The same ideas work for you if you're an aspiring digital nomad and try to set up a business, that isn't location bound.

Cat colleague on Koh Tao
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How I save $500+ on international flights

While I pride myself on writing about beautiful beaches and fascinating designs all over the world, there is one thing you guys seem to be the most excited about and keep asking me: How to find the best deals on international flights.

Therefore, I've teamed up with Dollar Flight Club to show you one option to find cheaper flights with less time staring at your laptop in despair.

Tiny airplane in Belize
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To plan or not to plan your trip

Here comes a secret, that sounds like a sin for a proper traveller: I love planning my trips!

Whether it's a simple road trip or a couple of months in South East Asia, I will do my research and find out exactly what I want to do, where exactly I want to go and how much it will cost.

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Does Yoga make me a bad designer?

I love yoga. I love how I walk into the studio and how everything is just quiet and peaceful. My teacher says it's the room's aura, I think it's just good architecture.

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