Street Art Walk on Isla Holbox in Mexico

Holbox had my heart before I even arrived at my hostel. No streets just sand, tons of puppies and around every corner huge murals covering entire facades of buildings.

There was a street art festival twice on the island and ever since artists are either booked or just show up to showcase their work. 

Mural on the beach in Holbox

I started walking at Calle Paseo Kuka and zigzaged my way to the beach.

Since there is so much art, I didn't create a map for you, as I'm pretty sure a few new things have shown up before you even read this. So I'd suggest you just take a walk and you'll stumble over my favourites anyways.


Unfortunately most of the artworks aren't signed, so I don't know who the artists are.

If you recognize any of them, please leave their name in the comments.

Between Calle Paseo Kuka and Main Square

Mural on Isla Holbox

let's start with one of my favourite murals ever! At first sight I loved the juxtaposition of the cute bunny and the bug and I only now saw the skull hidden in it!

Mural of two girls on Isla holbox
Painting of a girl in Holbox
Painting of an old man in Holbox
drawing on church in holbox
drawing on church

You can tell that a city cares about its street art when even the church has a pixelated graphic around its entrance.

Old man and bikes in Holbox

On and around the main Square

Dome on main square

There is a stage with a dome on the main square, that is painted all over. If you just walk around it, you'll find the work of different artists on it.

murals on main square
sceleton street art
drawing of diver

Between Main Square and the beach

I spent every day at Painapol, because they have the best wifi on the island (and also great smoothie bowls).
In front of the café there is this huge mural of a young mayan girl with a sad face and inside you'll find this happy grandma.


Both murals were created by Jace Jano, the Mayan girl being based on a photo of a girl from the Himalayas, the older lady is actually the grandmother of Sara, Painapol's owner.
My friend Terri of Female Solo Trek talked to the artist about these murals, so head over to her page for more.

The style looks like Invader, but since it's a super Mario and nothing from Space Invaders (his usual motives), I guess it's not his?

a mermaid by Marisol D'Estrabeau

This lady by Leo Tezcucano is another one of my favourites on the island.


I love that all this art transformed Holbox from a regular beachy island to an artsy place, where you'll also find something exciting to do if you don't want to spend the day at the beach!

The art on the island will probably change quickly, so I have a reason to come back again and again.

Did you find any artwork, that I didn't see? Or can you name some of the artists? Please let us know in the comments!

Where to stay


I stayed in the dorms at Hotel Beach Inn, which I loved. They also offer double rooms.

High End

I walked by Casa las Tortugas a few times and was jealous of everything I saw. So if you're not on a budget, have a look at this!

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Street art walk on Isla Holbox Mexico

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