Street Art at Millerntor Gallery 2016 in Hamburg

Yet another Street Art post? I know, we've seen quite a lot of public art on this blog in the last couple of weeks, but this one is special, I promise!

image in the background by Nico Sawatzki

On Sunday, I visited the Millerntor Gallery, an international art- and music festival, taking place in Hamburg once a year. Initiated by Viva con Agua and Hamburg's most famous football club FC Sankt Pauli, this massive exhibition is taking place inside the stadium.

What's special about this festival is that almost everything around it is funded by people who offer their work for free, from designers, to artists, to event planners. 70% of the profit made through art sales go to Viva con agua (who work for clean water around the world) and the rest goes to the artists. 

I visited the Gallery with my friend Lydi, who you might know from my Beijing and Helsinki posts and we've collected our favourite pieces for you.
So without any further ado, let's simply look at nice pictures today:

by Cranio

by Alice Pasquini - usually it's not that pink, I just was there kind of late and it was illuminated in magenta

yes, this actually is a tattoo studio built into a sausage stand. By Radikal Zärtlich

I did a terrible job taking notes of the artist's names. So, if you guys know who drew this (and the others without a name)  please let me know in the comments section

by shark

by Nico Sawatzki

by Fernanda Brandao and Roman Rütten

by 162

The prints and drawings, that are "removable" can be bought at the exhibition, those drawn directly on the wall stay for at least a year. That means you can still see them, if you visit a game at the stadium!




How to get there:

U3 to St. Pauli


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