Ten architects and designers to follow on Instagram

Instagram is the perfect place to make people jealous of your beach holiday, to share pictures of puppies or show everyone what an amazing chef you are.

But many great architects and designers also show their inspiration and their work on their feed, which makes the whole thing much more interesting to me.

I'll show you my ten favourite inspirations:

1. Yuko Mouton

Yuko Mouton is a Japanese fashion designer, who is obsessed with the clean lines and exaggerated angles, that inspire her collections.

Photo courtesy of @yukomouton

2. Mauricio Tufino

Mauricio is collecting masterpieces of architecture from all ages, mostly from Spain and Mexico.

Photo courtesy of @mauriciotufino

3. Bob Borson

Bob Borson is picturing the life of an architect (which is also the name of his blog). His photos are a collection of sketches, site visits, modern architecture and family life.

Photo courtesy of @bobborson

4. Carlos Copertone

Carlos really likes his concrete. With his love for symmetry, he composes great pictures of modern architecture.

Photo courtesy of @carloscopertone

5. Tataliaz

This photographer from Paris seems to be obsessed with patterns and rainbow colours. Throw in some glitter every now and then and you got me.

Photo courtesy of @tataliaz

6. Vdubl

at the moment, Vdubl is capturing life in Hong Kong and London with beautiful fairy-tale-like pictures

Photo courtesy of @vdubl

7. Dmeek

Demond Meek is rocking Instagram's filters in his “Slum Beautiful” project about St. Louis' forgotten houses.

Photo courtesy of @dmeek

8. Bjarke Ingels

One of my favourite architects is capturing his life between site visits, models, drawings and skiing. This guy is awesome and we're gonna get married one day. He just doesn't know yet.

Photo courtesy of @bjarkeingels

9. Raskalov

These guys seriously freak me out, but I can't stop looking. For the perfect aerial view, they climb the tallest building and take the obligatory dangling-feet shot. Hello, vertigo!

Photo courtesy of @raskalov

10. Jimmy Stamp

lifesansbldgs is mixing up pictures from is travels, sketches and architectural drawings to capture his life on a “recovering architect and accidental historian”.

Photo courtesy of @lifesandbldgs

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Do you know any great designers / photographers / architects / people worth following on twitter? Let us know in the comments!