so you‘ve stumbled upon this blog and you‘re interested in travelling from a designer‘s perspective?
Perfect! Get yourself a glass of wine and start browsing around! You‘ll find articles about different places and activities all over the world which have a creative relevance in any way, which I find inspiring or I just thought they were cool and I wanted to tell you.
Oh, and you want to know who is writing this?

I‘m Sarah and I‘m a Spatial Designer from Hamburg. When I‘m not designing temporary architecture I‘m travelling the world looking for the most inspiring design, the coolest architecture and the nicest people. If you want to find out more, check out the about page and the blog posts.


February 26th

Postcard from Lithunia!

February 21st

Postcard from Riga!

February 15th

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February 8th

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January 18th

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December 24th

December 21st

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December 16th

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December 10th

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December 1st

whoohoo! is online! is a blog about travel, design and architecture. The most popular posts are:

Helsinki Lights: the finish capital rocks hundreds of light installations throughout the city.

(tags: Europe, Finland, light design)

The Helsinki Abatoir: developing a hip new place to be in a discarded abatoir.

(tags: Europe, Finland)

Subway Hafen City Universität: Light installation in a new built subway station in Hamburg.

(tags: Europe, Germany, Hamburg, light Design)

Potato Head Seminyak: a stylish and well designed beach club in Seminyak, Bali.

(tags: Asia, Indonesia, Restaurants)

Le Pirate Nusa Ceningan: a beach club and resort on a small island close to Bali, designed with lots of love. (tags: Asia, Indonesia, Hotel)

Street Art Walk Hamburg: discovering hidden masterpieces of street art in Hamburgs Sternschanze, Karoviertel and St. Pauli. (tags: Europe, Germany, Hamburg)

Salon Wechsel dich Hamburg: a cafe with a special design concept, located in Hamburg Grindelviertel.

(tags: Europe, Germany, Hamburg, Restaurants)

Zeche Zollverein or: Getting overly excited about escalators: an industrial complex with several inspiring buildings in Essen. (tags: Europe, Germany)

Does yoga make be a bad Designer?: Could my yoga practice make me too weak for real life?

(tags: Europe, Germany)

A love letter: my feelings for one of my favourite buildings in Hamburg: the Elbphilharmonie

(tags: Europe, Germany, Hamburg)

 A café like a wedding cake: Herr Max in Hamburg: a beautifully designed café selling beautifully designed cakes (tags: Europe, Germany, Hamburg, Restaurants)

A secret tunnel in Hamburg: taking a walk through Alter Elbtunnel in Hamburg (tags: Europe, Germany, Hamburg, light design)

A design hotel for a hostel budget: Superbude St.Pauli: a beautifully designed hotel in Hamburg (tags: Europe, Germany, Hamburg, Hotel)

Hungry for Design: Hamburg: featuring the restaurants Bullerei, Marend and Witwenball in Hamburg (tags: Europe, Germany, Hamburg, Restaurants)

Riga Central Market: about the architecture of the biggest market in Europe, found in the Latvian capital (tags: Europe, Latvia)