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so you‘ve stumbled upon this blog and you‘re interested in travelling from a designer‘s perspective?
Perfect! Get yourself a glass of wine and start browsing around! You‘ll find articles about different places and activities all over the world which have a creative relevance in any way, which I find inspiring or I just thought they were cool and I wanted to tell you.
Oh, and you want to know who is writing this?

I‘m Sarah and I‘m a Spatial Designer from Hamburg. When I‘m not designing temporary architecture I‘m travelling the world looking for the most inspiring design, the coolest architecture and the nicest people. If you want to find out more, check out the about page and the blog posts.


October 4th

In love with Myanmar!

September 25th

Bye Bye Malaysia! Next stop: Myanmar

September 18th

bye bye, Thailand! Next stop: Malaysia

September 12th

Hello Tonsai Bay!

September 9th

I had a great time on Koh Tao and am a little sad to leave today, but also excited to go to Krabi! Let's just hope the weather is better than everyone says.

August 29th

hello from Bangkok!

August 24th

hello from Dockville Festival!

August 12th

Whoop! I'm on Snapchat now! Alright, I know, everyone has been doing it for ages but I finally signed up. Follow me via @journey2design

Oh, and I have no idea what I'm doing! Apologies in advance

August 2nd

hello from Amsterdam!

July 30th

yay, I'm going to Amsterdam tomorrow! Any ideas what I should see there?

July 22nd

yay! I've got a shiny new laptop (the old one was really broken after all) and can't wait to share all my stories from Italy with you!

July 16th

It's a sad day. My poor Macbook is ill and needs to go to Laptop-hospital.
So I'll have to wait a little before I can share my stories from Milan.

July 12th

hello from Milan!

July 6th

Whoop! I got the Sisterhood of the world bloggers award! Which wins the award for the longest title!

July 4th

hello from the German coast!

June 14th

hello from Berlin!

June 6th

hello from London!

May 4th

May 3rd

had a great day testing Jaano, a new Vespa sharing service in Hamburg!

April 18th

exciting! I'm going to the Social Travel Summit next week. Message me if you're there as well :)

April 12th

you guys are the best!

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March 14th

I did a little interview for Mad travel diaries about the most exciting places in Hamburg and you can check it out here! Thanks, Marissa!

March 11th

so excited! Happy Travelers have featured Journey to Design as one of the "Top 10 travel bloggers you should be following"! Thank you, guys!
Find the entire list here

March 6th

Journey to Design is an official contributor to Hostelgeeks now! Yay!

February 26th

Postcard from Lithuania!

February 21st

Postcard from Riga!

February 15th

another great week for Journey to design!

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February 8th

thanks for the warm welcome, Superbude!

January 18th

what a great week for Journey to design!
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thank you, guys!

December 24th

December 21st

are you guys using Trover? I just discovered it an am obessed already! It's like Pinterest but only about travel and without the selfies! Check it out here

December 16th

Journey to design is now available on bloglovin' !

December 10th

my Pinterest page is back online after they "accidentally" kicked me out!

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